Sunday, February 15, 2015

I hate people.

So, the BATFEIEIO's announcement has had the two most predictable results:
  1. Gun owners, being easily-panicked herd animals, hoovered the shelves of M855 5.56 ammo. When Jasper or Cletus realized they'd arrived at the gun store thirty seconds too late to participate in the feeding frenzy, they filled their cart with whatever other kind of 5.56 was in stock, sending ripples all the way up the stream. We've been over this before, people; unless you just started shooting in the last year, you've got nobody to blame but yourself if you didn't already have ammo.

  2. Gun owners, being a pack of conspiracy-theory-lovin' flat earthers, are launching wild claims that this BATFEIEIO rule change was somehow engineered by the ammo selling faction of the Bilderbergers or the Gnomes of Zurich as a plot to drive up ammo prices. Next will come the cries of "GOUGING!" because gun owners, while waving flags and claiming to venerate conservative principles, are actually populists with economic views slightly to the left of Trotsky's.
Although we've been over this before, it's apparently worth going over again: If you are a regular shooter, you should know roughly what your monthly ammunition consumption is. If you keep that amount of ammo* times six on hand, and replace it as it gets used, then ammo panics are non-events for you unless they run longer than six months.

*Or components, if you reload.