Wednesday, February 25, 2015

...but it rhymes.

"Hey, Heinz! Who wants shawarma?"
So, Greece has its economy waiting for the second flush, and they're basically holding the threat of a default to the Eurozone's head and demanding yet another bailout debt forgiveness.

Meanwhile, the Jerry army's in as parlous a state as it's been in since smoke was still rising from the rubble of Berlin, which must make it hard for Angela to run a good bluff in those late night poker games with Czar Vladimir. I mean, according to some sources I've heard, the Ellinikós Stratós actually has more Leopard 2 panzers in commission right now than the Bundeswehr.

"The United States has sent hundreds of military personnel to joint NATO exercises in the Baltics."
LTC Charles B. Smith was unavailable for comment.