Tuesday, February 24, 2015

What color is the sky in his world?

Googling up information on the Steve Malloy incident, which was a sad reminder of the need for a quality holster and why drop safety can be more than an academic concern, I stumbled across this quote at a gun forum specifically for members of the party of Bull Connor*:
"I know we think gun laws in this country are as strict as they have ever been. In reality though, never in the history of this country has gun laws been so lax than they are now."
Wow. Just... wow.

I realize that, taken as a national average, gun laws have loosened from their Peak Draconianism in '95 or so, but in a number of states that represent a large chunk of the nation's population, such as CA, NY, NJ, MA, and CT, they've never been stricter.

It was within my lifetime (albeit barely) that you could order an actual 20mm anti-tank rifle in the mail with less drama than buying a packet of Sudafed today. You're entitled to your own opinions, dude, but not your own facts.
"Be sure to ask your parents first, kids!"

*I kid, I kid... (Mostly.) Even as a wookie-suited little-l libertarian, the mainstream conservative slant of firearms fora can get tiring at times despite a sizeable minority of folks who roughly share my views. I can only imagine what it must be like for a self-identified progressive who is still in favor of the proletariat being armed, whether for self-defense or against the depredations of The Man.