Thursday, February 05, 2015

Holding the line...

...although it's thankfully a pretty easy line to hold.

An Indiana state senator has introduced a bill that would add a training requirement to Indiana's handgun license, but it looks like it's going to die in committee like it did the last time he filed the same bill. Still, Hoosiers, contact your state senator and politely let them know that you are opposed to SB 48.
Kirk Freeman, director-at-large for the Indiana State Rifle and Pistol Association, said the bill would prevent people without any means of paying for training classes to practice a constitutional right.

"I don't think the law should discriminate against those that are economically disadvantaged," Freeman said. "We shouldn't create a hierarchy of who gets to exercise their constitutional right."
While there is some truth to the saying that all legislation is either about fence-building or rent-seeking, Indiana firearms instructor and lawyer Guy Relford went on the record as opposing the bill, too. Mad props to Guy for continuing to do the Lord's work.

While you're on the horn with your state senator, make sure to thank them for voting right on SB 433, which will strike down the state law banning the ownership of SBS's.