Monday, February 23, 2015


Stayed up late last night keeping an eye on a sick roomie, and consequently slept late this morning.

While the Zed Drei could probably be backed out of the garage with a smidgen of shoveling and driven cautiously out of the alley in a pinch, there was no sense in it since I can walk to the nearest grocery with ease.
I bundled up like Nanuk of the North, grabbed the Nikon N6006, loaded with Tri-X, and set off on foot. The first stop was to get lunch at Sam's Gyros, and thence on to Fresh Market for beverages, both grownup and Temperance.

I'm looking forward to seeing what kind of pics come back from the Nikon; this is the first roll I've run through it. (Yes, yes, I'm going to have to settle down and pick a camera or two to work with in the future, but right now I'm still experimenting with all of them to find the ones I really like.)