Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Barnum Bullets

Was down at Elmore's in Greenwood yesterday morning. That was a gun store that makes my inner Retail Sales Manager smile. Well lit, well-stocked, and somebody asked if they could help me within minutes of me stepping in the door, but didn't hover when I replied that I was just there to put noseprints on the glass, mostly.

While there, I discovered that G2R Ammo had gotten even dumber while I wasn't looking. Now they have rifle ammo, too! Including the .300RIPOUT Trident. (And you know what "Trident" means, right? Wink, wink, nudge, nudge. Hey, Cletus! This must be what they used to shoot Bin Laden!)

Elmore's had a little pile of the stuff, boxes arranged and stacked by caliber, in one of the showcases, softly lit like a museum exhibit. Can't blame 'em for having it under lock and key, given the couple-buck-per-round tariff that G2R extracts from idiots, of which there is no shortage in my beloved hobby, apparently.

Check out this ad copy!
"As the bullet passes through soft tissue, only then does it expend its energy. It is the optimal performer all other designers aspire to be. This is the most adaptable, powerful, dynamic bullet ever created."
But is it critical? I like my dynamic bullets to also be critical, as well as tactical if possible, but I realize it's hard to get that many adjectives into anything smaller than a .451" projectile.

In related news, I've been thinking of getting my palms surgically attached to my face in order to head off possible repetitive stress injuries.