Sunday, February 08, 2015


Got home from the fun show today (more on that later) to find that Bobbi had gotten home from work and was headed back out the door. They have her working the weird quasi-graveyard shift this weekend and she was too tired to whip up something to eat when she got home and so was going to take advantage of being in restaurant heaven to go get food before bed.

"Do you want to come along to Zest?" she asked.

Did I ever.

Zest's trademark sausage-sausage gravy over biscuits (a half portion because that stuff is seriously stick-to-your-ribs filling) and the house take on the French 75, because I'd never had one and I was pretty tired myself and ready to wind down for the day.

We walked home, stopping by the little neighborhood antique shop and Locally Grown Gardens, even if it was just to browse. And then it was time for early-to-bed. Well, early to doze, at least; the cats need feedin' and whatnot...