Saturday, February 21, 2015

More Film and No Filter

Encouraging news indeed from Ilford:
"2014 has seen a growth in the volumes of film and paper sold around the world, which has been very encouraging."
Just picked up a couple rolls of  DELTA 3200 while I was out and about yesterday, myself, actually.

Went looking for filters at the local camera store... (now there's a dwindling species) ...out in Carmel around lunch time. Conversation went thusly:
Young Neckbearded Salesman: "May I help you?"

Me: "I'm looking for filters..."

YNS: "Great! I've got good ones over here and cheap ones* over here."

Me: "What I'm looking for are color filters for black and white film photography, orange and yellow, maybe red..."

YNS: "Oh. Uh... I don't know if we have anything like... what size?"

Me: "Well, 52mm and... 60mm?"

YNS: "60mm?"

Me: "I'm pretty sure." *pulls Leica R4 out of bag and double checks* "Yeah, 60mm."

YNS: *looking at film camera as though it could attack at any moment* "Hang on, let me check." *scurries off to consult with superior* "No, I'm afraid we don't."

Me: "That's cool, I'll just look around a bit, then."
Well, I tried to be a locavore, but wound up having to order from Amazon... except the 60mm filter, that had to come from KEH.

Sometimes, at gun shops where I used to work, inventory would run a little low. Gunsmithing would need some rings to mount a scope, or ammunition in an off-beat caliber to test fire a gun, and we wouldn't have it in stock. The punch line then would be "Well, I guess I'll have to go to a gun store to get that."

Robert's didn't have my filter, so I had to go to a camera store to get it.

*Retail sales ProTip: You don't carry "cheap" stuff, kid. You have "more expensive" and "less expensive". Actually, my memory has him using the word "crappy", but I'm trying to give him the benefit of the doubt. If it's "crappy", kid, why do y'all carry it in the first place?