Monday, May 18, 2015

Art Fair and Other Stuff

Shootin' Buddy showed up early yesterday morning with his new bicycle in the back of his truck, and we pedaled into Broad Ripple village for breakfast at Public Greens before heading on to the Art Fair.

In a triumph of optimism over thinking things through, I packed both pro-size Nikons in my camera bag. According to what data I can find, that's 2.3 kilos of camera bodies alone, exclusive of batteries, lenses, and whatnot. I like the heft of the big Nikons taken one at a time, but both together are a bit much. It would have been more excruciating without the well-shaped shoulder pad on the new bag.
The weather was threatening, and I wound up not snapping very many pictures at all, and most of what I got wasn't very good. If I hadn't stumbled across that Mustang on the way home, taking the cameras at all would have been a scrub.
In a demonstration of one of the weaknesses of film versus digital, I didn't take any pics with the F5. See, I'd loaded the camera with 100 ISO T-MAX the other day in anticipation of shooting pics of old radio stuff in a sunny outdoors setting. The gloomy overcast at the Art Fair wouldn't have been very conducive to good results with the slow, fine-grained film.

When we left the Art Fair to head to the movie, the sky to the south looked threatening, and that's when I got a chance to deploy the handy, built-in rain fly on my new Lowepro messenger bag for the first time. It worked well once I figured out how to thread the shoulder strap through it. It's also just exactly sized to fit in the basket on the back of my bicycle, which is super convenient and I wish I could say was because of foresight and not happy accident...