Saturday, May 02, 2015

Editing, how does it work?

From a local TV station report on our neighborhood, in which they stopped in and interviewed the manager of The Sinking Ship:
From vegan food to hearty meat lover dishes, you’ll find a diverse food and drink menu at The Sinking Ship off College and 50th Street.

“Chicken and waffles are a big hit on the carnivore side.  It’s two Belgian waffles with friend[sic] chicken in between.  For the vegan options we have Satan [sic] wings which are like a vegan boneless wing.  It’s locally sourced from Killer Tofu.  Our burgers are the best in the city!  We get our meat from locally sourced from Kincaid’s Meat Market,” said General Manager, Nate Gonzales.
Pretty sure that once the chicken is fried, it ain't nobody's friend. And the only people who'd find seitan wings to be devilish would be those with celiac disease, since they're made of wheat gluten.

I know this stuff is transcribed from tape, but doesn't anybody read it before it goes live on the website?