Friday, May 01, 2015

Well, dang it.

Gotta get on the bicycle. Can't let my momentum fall off. The plan is to bicycle down into the village every day except range days, so that's at least a couple miles of daily pedaling, which will burn marginally more calories than sitting at a keyboard.

Unfortunately, the shopping list on the dry erase board is full of stuff that can only be bought elsewhere, at places that are not as bicycle-friendly. I guess the 86th Street Kroger is pretty easily accessible from the Monon, but that turns what was a quick jaunt into the village into a big chunk of the day sort of project.

So it looks like I'll be making two trips of it. At least it'll be warmer by the time I get back to the garage to switch from the Z3 to the Broad Ripple SUV.

Also, the weather is nice and sunny and perfect for taking some macro photos of that filthy Glock.