Thursday, May 14, 2015

I don't get it.

David Rothkopf is the publisher of Foreign Policy magazine. Like most Progressive internationalists, he practically decorates his cupcakes at the idea of the U.S. cozying up to foreign nations and hopping into bed for all sorts of trade agreements, peace treaties, pacts, bilateral understandings, and other foreign-policy-type ménages à trois.

As long as the foreign countries being cozied up to are not England or Israel, that is.

Guys like Rothkopf just hate England and Israel with a passion, and so are willing to grade the Obama administration's objectively disastrous foreign policy on a very generous curve because, whatever its failings elsewhere, it has kicked the "Special Relationships" with the UK and Israel right in the Jimmy:
"In part, the decline in the relationships has been due to historical reasons that have made both countries less important to the United States. The United Kingdom is a shadow of its former self, the sun long ago having defied the old saying and actually having set on the former empire. British school children no longer study maps that show a quarter of the world in red or pink to depict the lands loyal to their monarch. Even Britain’s last great claim on global domination — in the area of TV car shows — suffered a devastating blow this year when “Top Gear,” broadcast in 214 countries with an audience of hundreds of millions, saw its blowhard, politically troglodyte host Jeremy Clarkson unceremoniously booted off the air for behaving like an ass, thus shutting down production."