Sunday, May 17, 2015

Your Full USRDA of 'Splodey Stuff.

Just got back from seeing "Fury Road" with Shootin' Buddy. Absolutely over-the-top action flick. Non-stop adrenaline. I was afraid that in the middle of the chase scene, a movie might accidentally break out, but they managed to hold that off 'til the end.

Also, electric guitars with built-in flamethrowers on the war-drum dump truck because, sure, why not? The Lord Humungous and his crew look like Webelos compared to the road pirate gangs in this one.

There was supposed to be some feminist propaganda or something, but I couldn't find it. Some old ladies busted some caps in dudes, but that's pretty much what I'd do if I saw some guy in a leather banana hammock coming at me with a chainsaw, so I didn't find that part terribly unrealistic. Maybe if you squinted your eyes just right, the fireballs from the explosions looked just like the profile of bell hooks?