Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Dirty Glock

So, back to the Glock that's been woefully neglected since last month...
Two thousand rounds of shooting, two years of neglect. All the ammunition represented by the empty boxes in that photo went through it, pretty much never more than fifty rounds at a lick, over the course of a little over two years. While not as spectacular as going out and dumping two cases of ammo into the berm in two hours while you have people loading mags for you, it's probably a lot closer to the lifestyle of the average pistol. Plus, it's not like someone's sponsoring this and that stuff costs money and time.

There was a weak round of Sumbro that didn't cycle the gun at round #1,392 and a light primer strike on a round of Brown Bear steel-cased garbage at round #1,057 but other than those two instances, the gun did not fail to go through its complete cycle of operation whenever it was asked.

All the ammo was all factory new. Four hundred rounds of steel-cased, a hundred 'n' fifty rounds of aluminum cased CCI Blazer, and the remainder was brass-cased ammo (including a hundred rounds of filthy, erratic Sumbro Macedonian 9mm.)

The muzzle end is pretty crusty-looking, as one might imagine.

 Not a terrible amount of carbon buildup on the bottom of the slide.

The feed ramp and the whole breech end of the barrel has a pretty good amount of carbon caked on it, however.
The RSA is full of cack.

Since it's not a carry gun, I'm not going to go overboard with cleaning it. I'll wipe off the worst of the dirt on the outside and on the internal working parts and give it a few squirts of the Slip 2000 EWL I picked up at last week's EAG carbine class and decide what to do with it from there. I may keep it, on account that everybody should have a G19/17/34 on hand, or I may sell it and use the money for something else to abuse.

Stay tuned...