Wednesday, May 13, 2015

So, this happened...

The evolution in question involved firing five rounds at a fifty yard target from a standing position, executing a speed reload, firing five rounds from kneeling, executing a speed reload, and firing five rounds from prone. The target was an eight inch circle, roughly corresponding to the A-zone or the 9-ring, and the par time was 25 seconds.

By the time I was finishing up my kneeling shots, I was beginning to feel distinctly behind the 8-ball, time-wise, and I may have rushed that reload as I dropped into prone. And by "rushed", I mean that I may have not properly performed an important quality control step.

Not properly performing this important quality control step had the predictable result, visible below the break...

It was a fair cop.
Needless to say, all chance of making par time at this point was blown, along with any remaining accuracy. Gotta do things right if you're going to do them fast, I guess. Like Uncle Pat is fond of saying, "Learning Occurs only after repetitive, demoralizing failures."