Monday, May 11, 2015

Gun School!

Another box checked on the gun school bucket list today: Carbine 1 with Pat Rogers up at the Boone County Sheriff's Department range.

Packing up last night was fairly easy; as often as I go to the range, most of my range crap just stays in the trunk of the Zed Drei. I just staged 5.56 ammo, magazines, and a carbine by the back door. I'm most likely going to be shooting a school loaner, but better safe than sorry.

The gun I grabbed was the newer of the two. Not my trusty MGI switch-barrel gun, but the BCM midlength I took to New Hamster and Blogorado last year. While retrieving it, I noticed it was missing its sling...
"I hope I didn't leave my sling in somebody's truck at Blogorado... Wait, that's exactly what I did. But they mailed it back already. So what did I do with it? Must've put it someplace 'safe'."
Luckily, I had a Magpul sling on the shotgun that was easy enough to pop off the gauge and on to the carbine, rather than rummage through boxes and cases looking for the errant one. I put some fresh sunscreen in the soft case with the gun and mags and I was good to go.