Thursday, May 14, 2015

Good Day

Rode the Broad Ripple SUV into the village for lunch and then a quick stop at the grocery store. It's nice to be able to grab a twelve-pack of Diet Dew and a bag of cat litter on the bike. Handy baskets are handy.

After lunch I rode over to the Bike Line and got a new bike computer. While they installed it, I went out and sat by the trail and people-watched.

No headphones or backpack, bright colors, did not give off a fug of patchouli, Axe body spray, or ganja... Probably a tourist from Carmel.

Ripped jeans, backpack, big headphones... This dude's a local.

As is this guy, who is the reason I was sitting on the bench out by the trail instead of in the shade of the little shelter.

Later, another hobo came walking down the trail, entered the bandstand, and kicked his feet. I thought I was going to get to watch a bum fight, but instead I just overheard a tale of woe when the sleeper noticed that his bicycle had disappeared while he slept it off. His buddy commiserated, and then tried to bum a cigarette from his distraught, now-bikeless friend.