Thursday, May 21, 2015

Brand Recognition

Hydra-Shok® jacketed hollowpoints enjoy tremendous name recognition and are still steady sellers almost thirty years after their introduction, despite being superseded by newer and better-performing bullet designs from the same manufacturer (to say nothing of offerings from other makers.)

While they did expand often, which was an advance over some previous JHPs, it was often erratic and frequently involved jacket separation when it did happen.

Still, the distinctive post in the middle and the dramatic name ensured the sort of attention that makes for strong brand recognition and strong brand recognition makes for good sales. Good sales make for continuing presence in the catalog, and thus the cycle perpetuates.

Judging by responses, it's one of the favored loadings of the internet and of gun store denizens everywhere, right up there with not-sold-in-two-decades Black Talons*. "What kind of ammo do you carry?" is met with the answer "Hydroshock[sic]!" in the same tone that would be used for "Hammer of Thor!"

Now, mind you, bare ballistic gel is about the most favorable environment for getting catalog model pictures of expanded bullets. It's of a uniform texture and doesn't have any substances in it or on it that could clog the nose cavity or impede uniform expansion; the only thing better for taking runway model bullet pics is shooting straight down into a big tank of water. Given that, it's almost disappointing to see the results turned in by Hydra-Shok® in this day and age of perfect mushrooms.

Where's your Hydroshock god now, internet?
In a pretty typical P9HS1 performance, the cavity is rolled back, barely larger than the shank, and the bullet went about 18" into bare gel, leaving a pretty ho-hum permanent cavity.

Of course, this not being my first day on the internet, I have no idea why I'm bothering to post this. This is where some guy who invested $25 of his ego in a box of bullets and marketing is going to say "Well, let's see you stand there an' let me shootchu with one!" and I throw up my hands in disgust and say "Whatever, Cletus..." and walk off, shaking my head.

*The idea that someone is carrying around 20+ year-old Black Talons, that they lovingly polish like the family silver and can't test-fire, in their carry gun, in the mistaken belief that they are better in any way than current offerings from Winchester, falls somewhere between "ludicrous" and "disturbing".