Monday, September 30, 2019

The First Rule of Dunning-Kruger Club...

So, someone in a Facebook discussion brought up the usual "wOrKs fOr mE" nonsense to rationalize his love for an objectively awful pistol and when called on it, used every gun forum bubba trope you can think of to double down.

A friend mentioned that it was ignorant bro stuff like this that was causing him to seek out other hobbies, to which I ruefully commented that every hobby has its equivalent; guns and shooting aren't unique.

And then someone else dropped the bomb:
"[Name Redacted], if you don't recognize this behavior in other hobbies, it's because you're the one doing it."

But the First Rule of Dunning-Kruger Club is "You don't know that you're in Dunning-Kruger Club."