Monday, November 11, 2019


I just got an email from instagram letting me know I have unread messages.

Of course I have unread messages. I'm only on instagram a couple times a week to post a picture of my lunch or a gun I'm shooting. I don't use the messages on Instagram. Similarly, I have no idea how many "DM's", or whatever they're called, I have unread on Twitter. And my blog's FB page? I don't check the messages there, either. I keep meaning to turn them off, because Facebook nags you if you don't immediately respond to every message sent to your page.

I have a phone number and an email address, both of which are perfectly cromulent ways to get in touch with me. If we're "friends" (god, I hate that Zuckerberg used that word to describe total strangers you barely interact with) on Facebook, Instant Messaging will get noticed, but if we're not, it won't. Instant Messages from people with whom you are not "friends" are hidden behind a tab I never go check.

Every goofy little social media platform tries to add its own little way of private one-on-one communication and it's annoying as dammit.