Friday, November 29, 2019

Good Deal

This photo of the Mustang on the flat Texas panhandle was shot with a Sony RX100. This is Sony's deluxe zoom lens shirt-pocket camera.

It features a 20MP 1" sensor, which is huge for a point & shoot. Most cameras of this type have tiny 1/1.7" or 1/2.3" sensors, not much bigger than those found in cell phones, while the 1" sensor is the same size as that in Nikon's recently-discontinued "Nikon 1" series of mirrorless interchangeable lens cameras.

The RX100 was initially released in 2012, and I think the most recent iteration is the "RX100 VII", but Sony keeps selling older styles alongside newer ones, because newer iterations tend to change feature sets, rather than simply upgrading megapixels.

The cool thing about this is that new (or at least New Old Stock) original gangsta RX100's are on sale right now at Amazon for under four bills, which is pretty swoopy for an award-winning camera that cost over a grand when it came out.