Thursday, November 07, 2019

Risk Management

Unless a low-light class outdoors is a standalone event that starts after sundown and you siesta your way through the day to prepare for it, it often comes after a day or half-day on the range.

It becomes super important to slow down and pay attention to your holstering when you are doing it repeatedly and you maybe can't visually confirm the absence of obstructions around your holster mouth. Is that shirt coming untucked? Tail of the cover garment snagged on something? Do you have toggles or drawstrings on a jacket you've pulled on when the night turned chilly? (Trick question on that last one, because you're not dumb and you cut that stuff off for safety. I've cut drawstrings off Kitanica and De'dbird jackets before, and the jackets still work fine.)

This is where the failsafe of something like a Gadget, DA hammer gun, or a manual safety is a big reassurance. Otherwise, you're left with "Just don't screw up" as Plan A, Plan B, and Plans C through Z inclusive.