Friday, November 15, 2019

Gas Station Chatter

So, I'm pulling in to the BP on Keystone Avenue to top up the tank on the Mustang. I'm hanging a right into the parking lot off 52nd Street when the Camry in front of me just stops. He's sitting there like a duck in thunder, leaving the ass end of my car hanging out on 52nd for a minute before he decides what he wants to do and pulls into a parking spot.

I roll up to the pump and the dude using the nozzle on the other side said "Man, what was he doing, leaving you hanging out like that?"

I shrugged in response and started filling the tank.

"Hey," asked the guy, "Is that a 302 or a 4.6?"

"302," I replied.

With a wry eyebrow lift, he asked "Manual or automatic?"

Feigning indignation, I replied "Manual, of course!"

Beaming, he replied "Girl, whatchoo doin' with that?"

"Five liter five-speed is the way to go. Duh!"