Wednesday, November 06, 2019


Put in about 300 miles on a Nissan Sentra rental the last couple days. On the one hand, it was a depressing little shitbox compared to my usual rides. On the other, it was remarkably fully featured (even if all the features felt cheap) and by seat of the pants feel probably featured a 0-60 under the ten second mark by maybe as much as a second or two, meaning that if you’re willing to boot it, you’ll not likely need to be worried about passing or merging.

I got home in the early evening and had to run a quick errand, so I grabbed the keys to the Mustang. Ambient temp was exactly fifty degrees, so I could have taken my chances dropping the top on the Zed Drei, but rolling the windows down on the 5.0 was an auditory treat.

The drive in the Mustang reminded me of the differences between normal cars and the cars I like: With the rental Sentra, if you booted the throttle hard, you'd generally be in front of normal traffic across an intersection. With the Mustang, if you boot the throttle hard in first or second gears, you're going to get tire smoke and the rear end wagging like a puppy happy to be home.