Sunday, March 15, 2020

Does Not Work That Way

Another kid who is an expert on firearms policy by virtue of attending a school that was in the same state as one where a school shooting took place has had an op-ed published at He wants to know which of the two remaining serious contenders for the Democratic nomination is willing to screw Second Amendment rights harder. He has some specific concerns:
"While a few laws have been passed, gun enthusiasts have found more creative ways to obtain their guns: getting them from older friends/family, borrowing guns from someone licensed or even purchasing guns online (a loophole to background check laws)."
Andrew Tuohy would like to rebut:
"Here at Omaha Outdoors, we’ve been inundated with inquiries from out-of-state folks – many from California – asking if we can ship them a gun directly. The answer is, of course, no. Despite what politicians and many in popular media claim, you can’t buy a gun online and have it shipped to your house. Well, you could, if you were a federally licensed firearm dealer (or federally licensed curio and relic collector) and your home was your place of business. Other than that, no, you can’t buy a gun online and have it shipped, especially across state lines, to your home."