Wednesday, March 04, 2020

Bloomberg Bails

This morning's funniest tweet on the topic:

Of course, Bloomberg's war chest has already pre-paid for a bunch of media time, leased office space, contracted professional electioneering consultants. Whatever will become of that investment?
Bloomberg will put his resources “in the broadest way possible behind Joe Biden’s candidacy,” Tim O’Brien, a senior adviser to the Bloomberg campaign, said Wednesday. “We have long-term leases and long-term contracts with the team and the intention was always to put this big machine we have built behind whoever the nominee is.”
My shocked face, let me show you it.

Why, if I were of a more conspiratorial bent, I'd say that Mike's whole run was as much about finding an end run around individual campaign contribution limits as anything else.

Meanwhile, in a stunning and no doubt totally unrelated coincidence, Biden seems to have suddenly found religion on the topic of gun control and made it a much bigger talking point in his campaign. Even going so far as to offer Beto a position as AR Grabber-in-Chief in a Biden administration.