Thursday, March 19, 2020


I can follow the logic train of the hippies' hatred of plastic grocery sacks. I disagree because I find them incredibly useful. I keep them in coat pockets to serve as emergency rain covers for iPad or camera, for instance. They're great bin liners for small wastebaskets, also. But I know some people just toss them and let them blow about the landscape; so I can see why some folks would think that means they need to flex the guns of the state on them and ban the things because tha's what they do with stuff they don't like.

But the hatred of paper bags is something I just don't understand. They're recyclable, biodegradable, and (if they're not already made from recycled paper) the wood they're made from was grown specifically for the purpose of being made into paper bags. It's like abstaining from eating Green Giant Niblets to save the corn plants.

(Here at Roseholme Cottage, I tend to prefer plastic for its multitude of secondary uses, while Bobbi likes paper sacks because they're less likely to fall over in the cargo bay of her SUV.)