Monday, March 09, 2020

Mirrorless Musing...

For the last couple years now, I'd been shooting Sony full-frame mirrorless for work and had Canon DSLRs as fun cameras. However, I got sick of the terrible battery life on the original gangsta Sony a7 and the a7 II that required me to wander the floor at SHOT or NRAAM with a battery grip on the camera and a pocket full of spares.

So I sold the a7 & a7 II, and pressed the EOS 5DS into service as my work camera, intending to buy a used a7 III, with its greatly-improved battery life, when the launch of the a7 IV this spring flooded the market with trade-in III's.

Meanwhile, everyone's gaga over the soon-to-drop Canon R5, which seems to indicate that Canon's finally getting serious about full-frame mirrorless. This is the body that all those amazeballs RF lenses have been waiting for.

What this is telling me is that I should just go ahead and keep shooting Canon until the R5 Mk. II drops and slide back into full-frame mirrorless on those trade-ins. Especially since all my EF L glass will work on an R flawlessly with an adaptor.