Sunday, March 01, 2020


The weather today, as if trying to cheer me up, was glorious.

It was gloriously sunny and north of sixty degrees by the time I trekked over to Fat Dan's for lunch. After my customary weekend ribs, I came home and prepared to drive over to the little local supermarket for some needed supplies; Kleenex, trash bags, that sort of thing.

I went and dropped the top on the Zed Drei to feel the warm breezes of pseudo-spring on my face...

...without stopping to think that it might be 63°F outside, but in the free-standing unheated garage sitting on its concrete slab, it was probably still closer to 37°F.

Now I've got a good 4" crack in the rear window.

It's not really worth replacing the rear window with the top as worn as it is. I'll tape it for now, and then, with the warm months approaching, just put the top down and leave it down* and use the Mustang on rainy days until I've rolled enough pennies to replace the entire top.

*Heck, the tonneau cover is up in the attic someplace...