Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Feeding The Binary

In New Partisan America, where every issue is divided on party lines, it even effects our reaction to disease.

If you're not absolutely flipping out about COVID-19, it's because you're one of those undereducated Trump-loving Chick-fil-A Americans. If you bought an extra pack of toilet paper and decided not to attend a convention in the middle of flu season, it's because you're one of those SJW librul snowflakes. It's an easy way to signal tribal affiliation to a stranger now, without having to bring up guns or abortion in a conversation.
"Say, what about this coronavirus?" 
"I am very concerned about it." 
"Really? Me, too! Trump needs to go! He's just botching this whole thing."
And media, both social and traditional, lives off this stuff. It's like life fuel for Facebook and CNN.

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