Saturday, March 21, 2020

Modern Problems

We brought Holden home from the shelter one county to the north of ours before stuff got weird.

Originally, we were supposed to take him back there on Thursday to get him fixed and finalize the adoption process, but that was nixed in light of current events. Instead, we were instructed to take him to a vet up in Carmel for an initial checkup, in order to get him a clean bill of health before the snip.

So Thursday afternoon saw me and Bobbi on the vet's front porch, answering questions on the phone about our recent travels and current health before a vet tech came over to unlock the door with a gloved and Purell-ed hand.

Not gonna lie, I didn't touch anything while I was in there, either.

While I was examining the features of the exam room, I ran my eyes over the track lighting on the ceiling. I'm a sun-sneezer, and as I eyeballed the light fixture, I felt a good ACHOO boiling up.

I stifled it.