Saturday, May 23, 2020

Antisocial Distancing

I pedaled into Broad Ripple Village proper yesterday on an errand, and also to scope out the new temporary layout for "Stage Two Point Five" or whatever we're calling this part of reopening Indianapolis, where restaurants are allowed to be open for on-premises dining, but only for outdoor or patio tables.

Broad Ripple Avenue from College Avenue to the Monon Trail, aka "The Strip", was closed to vehicle traffic to allow the restaurants and pubs to place tables out in the road.

It was pretty quiet for noon on a Friday, but the local news station sent a reporter down to the streets downtown, Georgia Street and Massachusetts Avenue, yesterday evening to see what the environment was like down there.

“Little things like this you take for granted when you can do it anytime, but now it’s like I really appreciate this,” said Eric Platt, seated outside District Tap with Alex Mendicino.

The couple came all the way from a still-shut-down Chicago, just to sit outside in Indianapolis and enjoy the food and fresh air.

“It’s a lot better than being stuck inside and sheltered,” said Platt.

How does that work? Chicago isn't very "shut down" if youse guyz drove all the way down here just to lick our nice clean Hoosier doorknobs with your nasty-ass Windy City germs.

This looks like exactly the sort of block party atmosphere that has kept me off Broad Ripple Avenue on evenings and weekends anyway, only now with the added bonus of possibly contracting an exotic disease.

Oh, well. I'm happy for the local business owners. I'll continue to patronize them on those off-peak weekday daytime hours.