Saturday, May 02, 2020


So I'm looking at the county map of confirmed Covid-19 case rates per 100k population and it is, for the most part, a population heat map...except the darkest county in Indiana is not Marion, but...Cass county? Three thousand something cases per hundred thousand people? I'm scratching my head and thinking "The biggest city in Cass county is Logansport; I doubt there are a hundred thousand people there."

So I hit the Google and discovered the reason:
"Pork processing is labor intensive and conducted in a close-quarter environment that doesn’t afford much personal space. The virus has infected 890 of the 2,200 people in the Logansport plant in less than a week.

Serenity Alter is the Cass County Health Department administrator and she is expecting the numbers of positive cases to continue to climb."
Cass county's population is under forty thousand and they have over a thousand confirmed cases. And Logansport Memorial has only eighty some-odd total beds.