Tuesday, May 05, 2020

That Seventies Show

Back in the Seventies, an oversupply of veterans...especially SOF veterans...from America's Southeast Asia wars combined with an especially turbulent era in Sub-Saharan Africa to create an especially fertile environment for merc work.

Here we are in this current year of the gradually winding down Global War on a Noun, and I'm picking up a familiar vibe. You might have heard of this recent incident in Haiti?

Now we have one in Venezuela, apparently.

"The CEO of Silvercorp, Jordan Goudreau, told the Washington Post that two Americans acting within a larger force were captured Monday, along with six Venezuelans, after launching an operation to infiltrate Venezuela. Goudreau said other members of what he called "Operation Gideon" were captured or killed on Sunday.

Goudreau identified the Americans as Airan Berry and Luke Denman, whose names match those on the Silvercorp IDs displayed by Maduro. Goudreau, a former US Army Green Beret, said the two men were fellow former Special Forces members like himself.