Monday, May 18, 2020

Regaining focus...

While I'm not abandoning Facebook, since it's a primary means of keeping in touch with friends scattered all over the place, I'm definitely throttling back use. Pursuing half a dozen separate slow-motion conversations, checking in every fifteen minutes for that dopamine's done damage to my concentration and attention span. I need to get that back.

Yesterday I went ahead and deleted the app from my iPad and iPhone. I can check in via the browser here in the mornings before I really get my day started, and check back in the evenings after dinner.

Also, while up in the attic on an errand for a future Arms Room post last night, I picked up my tattered paperback copy of The Vampire Lestat on a whim, and tucked into a dead tree novel before bed for the first time in years.

Depressingly, it's looking like I'm nearing that time...