Wednesday, May 06, 2020

Acting Out

Remember what I wrote the other day about everyone being seemingly torqued down about three minutes of a degree from total thread strip?

Well, the examples are flowing freely now:

  • A dude in Holly, Michigan was shopping in a Dollar Tree, sans mask, and when an employee informed him that he needed to be wearing a mask to shop in the store, he said "Here, I'll just use this as a mask," and walked over and wiped his nose on her shirt, living a big ol' smear of snot. I would have pepper sprayed the bejeezus out of that jackass.

  • In Santee, California some dude decided that the best way to trigger them librul snowflakes was to use a Klan hood for a mask in the grocery store.

  • Back in Michigan*, the security guard at a Family Dollar in Flint told a shopper that her daughter needed to wear a mask or they'd have to leave the store. She flipped out, spit on him, and they were ejected. Her husband and her adult son drove over to the store and, while her husband confronted the guard about disrespecting his wife, the son shot the guard in the back of the head, killing him. The security guard left behind nine kids. Nine kids without a dad because some chucklehead got bent about being told to cover their kid's germhole.

*Seriously, Michiganders, this isn't a good look on y'all right now. Y'all be trippin' up there.