Saturday, May 16, 2020

Primary Jostling

The last GOP Senate primary turned into an ugly three-way mudslinging contest, with each of the candidates and their supporting PACs spending gigabucks on TV ads trying to paint the others as anti-Trump haters of 'Murica.

Now I'm subjected to TV ads for the GOP primary for Indiana's 5th Congressional District, which we got gerrymandered into a few election cycles back. (Thus depriving me of my one electoral joy: voting for whatever Don Quixote the GOP trotted out to run against hereditary Congressman Andre Carson.)

Indiana's 5th District

See the little dingus in the magenta circle? Apparently there are too many Republicans in there to leave it in the 7th District.

Despite an enormously crowded primary field, only three candidates are bombarding me via the televised airwaves.

After that acrimonious Senatorial slog, which was ugly enough to draw national media attention, apparently negative campaign ads aren't focus-grouping well among likely GOP voters in the Hoosier State, because none of the candidates are even mentioning their opponents...

Carl Brizzi is running against the Chinese government.

Beth Henderson is bombarding me with the Hoosierest campaign ads I've ever seen...

And Victoria Spartz is flooding the airwaves, too, but her campaign ads are isolated on the net. They're on her own website or Facebook, but not YouTube, probably because YouTube is socialists or something. Embedding FB videos is a pain.

And that's been it on local network TV that I've seen.