Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Sunday Burgers

If you were to ask me, burgers benefit from grilling over hardwood charcoal more than any other kind of beef. With a sufficiently decent cut of steak and good technique, you can get perfectly cromulent results on a stovetop (especially if you like them rare), but there's no comparison between a burger done in a pan and one done over a charcoal flame.

On Sunday, Bobbi grilled up a mess of beef into about a dozen little slider-sized patties, such that about three of them wedged in between the halves of an onion bun, along with a slice of Swiss, to make for some tasty burgers. My theory is the bunch of little patties in there maximized the area of charcoal-seared edges, or something.

In the background there, to the left of the soda, is my best discovery from The Time of the 'Rona yet. Flatiron Pepper Co. Hatch Valley Green pepper flakes have come to not only substitute for red pepper flakes any place where I would have normally used those, but also substitute for fresh ground black pepper on all but the mildest of dishes. Food I'd normally strafe liberally with the pepper grinder gets just a dash from these instead. Recommend.