Monday, October 19, 2020

The cognitive dissonance is off the charts.

In a month when political op-ed sections have been full of fumbling explanations to Democratic party voters as to why there was bupkis they could do to block the nomination of Amy Coney Barrett, some pundits are calling for an immediate end to the filibuster rule. This is, of course, based on the (far from certain) idea that the Dems will eke out a slim majority in the Senate and will immediately need to stampede legislation too unpopular to garner enough moderate GOP votes through Congress to the desk of a hypothetical president Biden.

Speaking of cognitive dissonance, the same editorial pages that praised the friendship between Ginsburg and Scalia as a model of bridge-building in the kulturkampf are now denouncing the latter's protégé (and successor to the former's seat), an accomplished law prof with the the near unanimous respect of colleagues, as some sort of Atwood-esque caricature. That little lovefest for bipartisan collegiality didn't last long.