Thursday, October 29, 2020

This year just keeps getting weirder.

  •  Cockfighting...which is legal under certain restrictions in the Philippines...has been banned during the Time of the 'Rona, but there have been underground cockfights still happening. The po-po raided one of these illegal events and, as the spectators scattered, one of the officers scooped up an illicit combat chicken. In the struggle to corral the hostile cock, its razor sharp spur opened the officer's femoral artery and he bled out on the spot. Killed by a chicken. (Insert ad for PHLster Flatpack here.)

  • Swordfish in the Mediterranean Sea are frickin' impaling sharks to death, just the way they did in those ocean cross-section drawings I used to do in second grade. I KNEW it!

  • Halloween, a blue moon, DST ending, and the election, all within a few days!