Friday, October 30, 2020

It doesn't work like that.

 So, when a dude tried to get all stabbity in Philly the other day, the police stayed out of knife range, maneuvered until they had a clean backstop, and shot the guy. This has sparked the usual outrage.
Because Tasers cost money, Taser training takes time and money, and Philly taxpayers have not seen fit to spend that time and money. Also, Tasers are pretty spiffy when they work right, but they aren't phasers set on stun and many departments mandate a cover officer with a drawn gun being there when a Taser is deployed in case something goes wrong.
Last I checked, the knife works the same whether the person going all stabbity with it is crazy or not. Stabbings aren't any less fatal when done by people with mental issues. 
A warning shot?!? You are smack in the middle of the sixth most populous city in the US. Whose window do you want that "warning shot" going through?

And miss me with that "shoot him in the leg" nonsense. 

First, your average shooter is lucky to hit the target at all when operating under any pressure, let alone a specific part of it. If Philly can't pay for all their cops to have Tasers and Taser training, what do you think their departmental marksmanship program looks like? 

Second of all, a cop in the Philippines just bled out and died after getting kicked in the leg by a chicken, and you want to shoot people there? You need to stop watching movies and lose the damfool notion that it's possible to shoot people just a little bit.