Thursday, October 15, 2020

The longest year.

 News sites yesterday were mentioning that the Manhattan DA's office had released info that the Karen who called 911 on the Black dude birdwatching in Central Park had actually made a second bogus 911 call during the incident.

What caught my attention, though, was this line:

Wait, what? The George Floyd thing happened Memorial Day weekend. The Central Park Karen incident happened...well, it feels practically like last year now.

I yelled down the hall "Bobbi, remember the chick in Central Park who made the 911 call on the Black birdwatcher?"

"Yes, why?"

"When would you say that happened?"

"It was sometime in March, wasn't it?"

So it wasn't just me. To double check, I posed the same question to Mark behind the counter at Indy Arms that afternoon when I went in to pick up a test gun. He replied "That was last year sometime, right?"

It definitely wasn't just me, then. 

The news cycles have been coming so fast and furious of late in this cortisol-saturated year of 2020 that stuff that happened just over three months ago feels like it happened last year.