Friday, October 30, 2020

Called it.

I'd been holding off on registering for SHOT Show 2021 because I knew this was going to happen...

Given the amount of international travel required and the fact that not only will the 'Rona still be running around, but it'll be in the middle of regular flu season, too (and this year I got flattened by the regular old flu and spent half of SHOT in my hotel room wishing I was dead), I didn't think there was a hope in hell of them going forward with it in January.


I LOL'ed at this hot take. He ain't wrong.

I'm not going to lie, I was more relieved than not at getting the cancellation email. 

Normally SHOT's a busy week for me, a lot of work and travel, and the only really fun part was seeing industry friends all in one place. But even my fairly tight group of friends generally only manages to get together for a half hour or forty-five minutes for cocktails in the evenings before people have to head back off to meetings or business dinners or back to the hotel to write articles and/or edit photos & video. That's a lot of head...and foot...ache to spend a couple hours, total, with friends. I get a lot more face time with the people I care about in the weekend of, say, Tac-Con.