Saturday, October 17, 2020

Time Travel

The tiny little strip mall ACE Hardware a couple doors down from the drug store where I cashiered back in high school had a teeny little gun/knife counter crammed in the corner. They carried Rugers, mostly, as well as the full Buck catalog. 

There were two items in that showcase I used to sometimes go daydream about on my breaks: A BuckMaster knife and a Ruger Old Army in stainless. They were expensive, but not unattainably so. A more responsible me could have rolled my pennies for a few paychecks and bought them both. I don't know what I would have used them for, but, hey...what if the Russians had invaded or something?

Looking at eBay and GB now, holy yikes, do I wish I had bought them back then.

Yeah, yeah, I realize that they probably have barely kept pace with inflation and if I went back in time, I should buy Apple & Microsoft, not LARP-y knives and guns, but still.

Besides, you'd have to pay with coins and singles if you went back in time, because our current five-dollar-and-up bills would look like counterfeit money back then. Can you buy stock shares with bundles of singles and rolls of quarters? I mean, I guess you can, but it would feel weird.