Saturday, October 03, 2020

This gun is all ate up with "why"?

 So, that purveyor of branded lifestyle merch and booker of Erik Prince speaking engagements, Blackwater Worldwide, is in the gun biz, too, and one of their latest offerings featured some head-scratchers.

Meet the Sentry 12, a manually-operated, box magazine fed 12 gauge shotgun.

Box magazine fed shotguns are all the rage now, despite the fact that the shotgun as deployed in a domestic LE or home defense role is unlikely to be shot dry and speed loaded, or that getting fat, blunt12ga shells to feed reliably from a magazine is an iffy thing at best, or that even a five round 12ga magazine is a brick and eight- or ten-round ones are cartoonishly cumbersome. All that aside, some people just gotta have a mag-fed gauge, and I guess it'd be a shame to let them keep their money, so here we are.

But why doesn't it have a stock with an adjustable length of pull? It seems like that would be a no-brainer. Let's see what the press release says...
"The Sentry 12 is designed to be an ideal shotgun for law enforcement, addressing the need for re-configurations in rapidly changing situations. Typically law enforcement maintains color coded shotguns for lethal and less than lethal rounds that represents a higher cost to the department and tax payers. By offering a reliable magazine fed solution, law enforcement now have the option to purchase a platform that has colored coded magazines at a significant reduction in cost."

Oh my God, that is a terrible idea.

Depending on picking the right color magazine to make a firearm lethal or less lethal is profoundly dumb, completely leaving aside the fact that dropping the magazine without properly clearing the chamber is the most common safety mishap there is with magazine-fed firearms.

There's a reason that Simunition guns, for example, are completely incapable of chambering live ammunition, and if you want to know why, just ask that librarian in Florida...except you can't because she's dead because some ignorant chucklehead thought he could just use a regular gun as a non-lethal weapon by swapping ammo.

City attorneys and taxpayers are happy when departments that elect to use 12ga for less lethal go ahead and get rid of all the other gauges except maybe a couple breachers. They get worried when buckshot and beanbags are in the same county, let alone the same cruiser trunk.

This is bad and wrong and whoever wrote that copy should feel bad.