Thursday, October 22, 2020

What gun for...wait, I know this one.

 As is often pointed out, one of the most dangerous animals in North America is good ol' Odocoileus virginianus, the white-tailed deer, aka the hoofed rat. Once extirpated over much of its natural range, it was inexplicably brought back from the brink of extinction to menace the crops and rural highways of America.

Deer kill a lot more people than sharks every year, usually by leaping through Camry windshields or causing Buicks to swerve off the road and into the trees.

However they will also, under the right circumstances, attack you, as a woman walking her dog in Colorado found out.

Apparently a kindly septuagenarian in the subdivision had found a fawn and nursed it to adulthood, whereupon it repaid her kindness by going buck wild, as it were, on her neighbor.

The neighbor got away with a goring, the deer was put down by the po-po, and the little old lady got tickets for her unruly and illegal pet's rampage.