Friday, March 10, 2023

Meanwhile, in Asia...

Xi Jinping got hisself elected to an unprecedented third five-year term as president of China by a vote of 2,952-0 in the CCP's legislature.

Man, that's a bigger margin than Trump pulled in The Villages! (You thought I was gonna say Biden and Detroit, didn't you?)

ANYway, Xi has pretty much solidified his control over the reins of power in China, and that's bad because his whole schtick, foreign policy-wise, is pretty aggro.

This is having some interesting effects in other Asian nations. We've seen the Japanese bolstering their military capabilities and increasing defense spending, and now they're engaging in high-level talks with South Korea, which is pretty wild given the literal centuries of bad blood between Korea and Japan.

Meanwhile, Australia has committed to the purchase of up to five Virginia-class nuclear attack submarines from the US to replace their own trouble-plagued Collins-class diesel-electric subs as they age out of service.