Thursday, March 23, 2023

It begins...

 I've actually been carrying a Taurus revolver so far this year. A Model 327, to be specific, loaded with 100gr Ventura Munitions .32 H&R Magnum lead semiwadcutters, in a Dark Star Gear Apollo holster.

It was only a placeholder until I could get this thing sighted in, though...

Thanks to Big Tex Ordnance for getting me the hookup with the EPS Carry.

That's going to be the carry gun for this year, an 856 TORO with a Holosun EPS Carry in an optics-cut Dark Star Gear Apollo. Classes, maybe some matches, and a lot of range work. I'm interested to see how the whole "red dot CCW revolver" concept shakes out. I'm impressed so far, but it's still early going.