Wednesday, March 22, 2023

End of an Era

Nikon's D1X is one of the earliest DSLR cameras, released way back in 2001. The twin towers still stood in New York, GWB had just started his first term, the Chevy Camaro was about to be discontinued for slumping sales...

The website Digital Photography Review was already around to review the camera. In fact, it had been around for several years already, being founded in London by Phil Askey in 1998.

DPReview, as it's become known, became pretty much the benchmark for photography hardware reviews, with attached forums and photography contests. It got bought by Amazon back in 2007 and the operation was relocated from London to Seattle in 2010.

As video became more popular and people stopped reading text-based sites as much, they branched out into DPReview TV with video format reviews to supplement the articles on the site.

With Amazon retrenching and laying off workers, though, it looks like Digital Photography Review is one of the things that's getting the axe, and the site will be shuttered in April.

So it goes.