Thursday, March 09, 2023

Epps Oops

Comedian Mike Epps forgot his S&W 442 in his backpack at Indianapolis International Airport and got busted at the TSA checkpoint.

To add insult to injury, now we all know he carries 90gr Critical Defense Lite in the Fuddiest manner possible: with an empty chamber under the hammer.
Police spoke with Epps, who told them he was in town for a show at Gainbridge Fieldhouse and forgot the handgun was inside his backpack.

According to the report, police found a .38 Special Airweight revolver, loaded with four rounds of Hornady .38 special ammo, the spot in the cylinder with the firing pin was empty.
This is a DAO revolver with an enclosed, rebounding hammer and floating frame-mounted firing pin. You could use a fully-loaded Centennial as a hockey puck without it discharging.

Don't be like Mike. Check your bags before you get to the airport, people.